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Drum Lessons Chicago



Welcome to DRUM LESSONS CHICAGO, where a solid foundation for all drumming begins


If you want to learn:


- the basics of drumming 

- improve your current drumming skills

- gain a rock solid foundation in drumming for any style of music

- or improve your knowledge of rhythm on another non - percussion                 instrument


I will help you do any or all of these things. 


I can also help you with:


- school band / orchestra music or marching band / drumline music

- school solo competitions

- college auditions for music schools




My name is Andrew Sole. I have 35 years of playing and performing experience in both classical and contemporary music settings, including a conservatory degree in classical percussion. I have been teaching private lessons to kids, teens and adults full time for 19 years.

Students who take lessons with me have a solid foundation in all the fundamental building blocks of drumming, important tools which enable them to pursue any style of music they want with ease and confidence.


These are 6 of the most important drumming fundamentals you will learn



Knowing how to read traditional music notation greatly increases your understanding of how rhythm works whether you are reading sheet music or playing by ear. 



Proper technique is extremely important because not only does it enable you to play the music more easily or without struggling, but it also helps prevent repetitive motion injuries such as tendonitis or carpel tunnel syndrome. 



Independence of all 4 limbs is an essential skill for drum set players to be able to play their parts smoothly and effectively, especially if the music has more complex rhythms. You will learn many effective warm up and exercise routines to develop these skills. 



Most music played on the drums has a steady solid beat that doesn’t speed up or slow down. Having the ability to play rhythms and transitions in music without speeding up or slowing down, is one of the most important jobs that a drummer has. 



Just as important as reading music notation, is the having the ablility to learn a drum part by ear. By learning all the other drumming fundamentals, you will develope the skills necessary to hear a peice of music, pick out the drum parts and learn them without reading music. This includes creating your own drum parts for original music as well. 



Having the ability to write drum parts that you hear with traditional notation when needed, is a very valuable and useful tool, whether you are composing your own parts or learning already written parts from a song or composition. Even if you intend to play without music, which most drummers prefer, this skill will aid in the memorization process. 

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