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Andrew Sole


Experience and Background



I have been playing music since I can remember. I began with formal piano lessons at age 5 and continued till age 18. My drumming career began in the high school marching band drum line at age 14 in the fall of 1987. I then continued in 1991 on this path through college. I am a 1996 graduate of Wheaton Conservatory of Music where I studied classical percussion, including marimba, vibraphone, timpani, and multi-percussion.  At the conservatory I was a member of the Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble. 


In addition to my classical music background I have many years of experience playing drum kit. I play multiple styles of music, including rock, punk, jazz, latin, funk and western swing.

As an active participant in Chicago’s music scene since 1998, I have performed with rock bands such as the Detholz, Cold Blue Kid, Bellospark, Careful Q, and Radiant Devices. 

I have also recorded 2 albums and performed with Chicago based smooth jazz pianist Rob Ryndak.

From 2001 to 2011 I played drums for the Bunkhouse Boys, an old-time western swing band that was originally started by World War II soldiers in the 1940’s.

I have also done recording session work for other various Chicago artists, some of which can be found on the links page of this site. 

Currently I play drums for 2 bands, Solemn Meant Walks and Conflict


Solemn Meant Walks (Chicago), is a dark dreamy atmospheric band, heavily influenced by the goth, post punk, dream pop and shoegaze styles of music. 

Conflict (UK) is one of Britain's most legendary anarcho - punk bands starting their career in 1981 in south London. I began playing with them in June of 2016 on a 3 week US tour and became a member in July 2016 after the tour. 


Teaching Approach


My teaching style has its roots and foundation in the practice habits I learned from studying classical music. These habits have been combined with creative experimentation and exchanging ideas with a wide variety of musicians both in Chicago and also Detroit, where I grew up.

My main goal as a teacher is always to help every student gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of both drumming and music. Once you become proficient in these raw materials, you will be able to learn any style of music you want with much more ease and confidence. I know this to be true from 30 years of my own drumming experience and also from the success of my former and current students who have this foundation. 

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