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January 6, 2015


Andrew is excellent. He has a gift for relating to our 16 year old son, complementing his interest and gift in music. The result? our son has not only has improved skill, but also the understanding and passion that drive commitment and excellence. Andrew is always professional. He communicates well with both parents and students. Our son has various social challenges and Andrew seems to effortlessly create communication and progress. The result? We see benefits from Andrew's coaching both on and off the drums:)


Mary J.





Dec 15, 2014


Andrew is simply the best. Our 11 year old son has been taking drum lessons for a couple of years now; has a great experience at every lesson; and looks forward to Andrew's knock on the door every week. I cannot say enough about Andrew's enthusiasm, ability to relate, and knowledge of his craft. As a past professional opera singer I've been coached by some of the best in the business. Andrew is right up there and he is especially talented in his ability to work with younger people. My son took to him like glue to wood. If you employ Andrew as an instructor you will absolutely not be disappointed.


Steve L.





October 3, 2014


Andrew is an OUTSTANDING drum tutor. He comes with my highest endorsement -- which I don't give out lightly. I have been extremely impressed with how seriously he takes his teaching and, most importantly, my son loves working with him! Andrew is extremely patient, focused, and thoroughly dedicated to and passionate about drumming. This level of zeal transfers directly to his students. If you've got a son or daughter, regardless of age, who wants to dive into the world of drums, Andrew will be their ultimate guide! He's top notch. I'm happy to respond directly to any inquiries for more insight. I can be reached at:


Scott B.





September 25, 2014


A talented drummer and a great teacher! Andrew breaks down any groove or fill you want to learn and gets you going in the right direction. He comes prepared with plenty of practice drills and is incredibly patient.


Michael S.






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